Tolland County Section 8 (Connecticut)

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Tolland County Housing Authorities manage the federal Section 8 program offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. A Housing Authority provides housing options for low-income individuals and families, including rental housing, rental assistance programs, and Tolland County Section 8 housing choice vouchers in Tolland County, Connecticut. The housing vouchers can be used to pay for single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments, and Tolland County Housing Authorities can help determine eligibility for services, complete a Section 8 application, and they may distribute Section 8 benefits. Housing Authorities provide information on Tolland County low-income housing, including Section 8, on their website.

Coventry Housing Authority Coventry CT 1630 Main Street 06238 860-742-5518

Ellington Housing Authority Ellington CT 20 Main Street 06029 860-872-6923

Hebron Housing Authority Hebron CT 14 Stonecroft Drive 06248 860-228-4411

Somers Housing Authority Somers CT 63 Battle Street 06071 860-749-2471

Stafford Housing Authority Stafford Springs CT 91 West St 06076 860-684-4973

Storrs Mansfield Housing Authority Mansfield CT 309 Maple Road 06268 860-487-0693

Tolland Housing Authority Tolland CT 763 Tolland Stage Road 06084 860-871-1386

Vernon Housing Authority Vernon CT 21 Court Street 06066 860-871-0886

Tolland County Town and City Halls provide a range of municipal services for their residents, including low-income housing assistance. In some areas, the Town or City Hall distributes Tolland County Section 8 housing choice vouchers offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Town and City Halls provide information on qualifying for Section 8 support, accessing Section 8 benefits, and paying for single-family homes or apartments with Section 8 vouchers in Tolland County, Connecticut. They may also provide other rental assistance programs for qualifying Tolland County individuals and families. Town and City Halls provide Section 8 information on their websites.

Andover Town Hall Andover CT 17 School Road 06232 860-742-7305

Bolton Town Hall Bolton CT 222 Bolton Center Road 06043 860-649-8066

Columbia Town Hall Columbia CT 323 Connecticut 87 06237 860-228-0110

Stafford Town Hall Stafford Springs CT 1 Main Street 06076 860-684-1789

Stafford Town Hall Stafford Springs CT 21 Hyde Park Road 06076 860-684-4239

Tolland Town Hall Tolland CT 21 Tolland Green 06084 860-871-3600

Vernon Memorial Town Hall Vernon CT 14 Park Place 06066 860-872-8591

Tolland County Social Services Departments provide a range of support services, including housing assistance and housing choice vouchers, also known as Section 8. Local Social Services offices connect residents with federal programs, such as Section 8 benefits for low-income families and individuals, which are provided through the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Tolland County, Connecticut. They can help individuals apply for Tolland County Section 8 benefits, determine eligibility for housing assistance, and distribute Section 8 vouchers. Social Services may also accept applications for low-income housing assistance, and they provide information about these services on their website.

Somers Social Service Department Somers CT 600 Main Street 06071 860-763-8224

Tolland Social Service Department Tolland CT 21 Tolland Green 06084 860-871-3648

Vernon Social Service Department Rockville CT 14 Park Pl 06066 860-870-3661