Scott County Section 8 (Missouri)

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Scott County Housing Authorities manage the federal Section 8 program offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. A Housing Authority provides housing options for low-income individuals and families, including rental housing, rental assistance programs, and Scott County Section 8 housing choice vouchers in Scott County, Missouri. The housing vouchers can be used to pay for single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments, and Scott County Housing Authorities can help determine eligibility for services, complete a Section 8 application, and they may distribute Section 8 benefits. Housing Authorities provide information on Scott County low-income housing, including Section 8, on their website.

Chaffee Housing Authority Chaffee MO 904 South 2nd Street 63740 573-887-3768

Oran Housing Authority Oran MO 120 South Railroad Street 63771 573-262-2190

Scott City Housing Authority Scott MO 103 West Hickory Street 63780 573-264-2161

Sikeston Housing Authority Sikeston MO 360 Allen Boulevard 63801 573-471-9706

Scott County Town and City Halls provide a range of municipal services for their residents, including low-income housing assistance. In some areas, the Town or City Hall distributes Scott County Section 8 housing choice vouchers offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Town and City Halls provide information on qualifying for Section 8 support, accessing Section 8 benefits, and paying for single-family homes or apartments with Section 8 vouchers in Scott County, Missouri. They may also provide other rental assistance programs for qualifying Scott County individuals and families. Town and City Halls provide Section 8 information on their websites.

Benton City Hall Benton MO 31 East North Street 63736 573-545-3558

Chaffee City Hall Chaffee MO 222 West Yoakum Avenue 63740 573-887-3558

Oran City Hall Oran MO 118 Mountain Street 63771 573-262-3942

Scott City City Hall Scott MO 215 Chester Avenue 63780 573-264-2157

Sikeston City Hall Sikeston MO 105 East Center Street 63801 573-471-2512

Vanduser City Hall Vanduser MO 901 Vanduser Street 63784 573-471-7662

Scott County Social Services Departments provide a range of support services, including housing assistance and housing choice vouchers, also known as Section 8. Local Social Services offices connect residents with federal programs, such as Section 8 benefits for low-income families and individuals, which are provided through the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Scott County, Missouri. They can help individuals apply for Scott County Section 8 benefits, determine eligibility for housing assistance, and distribute Section 8 vouchers. Social Services may also accept applications for low-income housing assistance, and they provide information about these services on their website.

Missouri State Social Service Department Sikeston MO 106 Arthur Avenue 63801 573-472-5210

Scott County Veterans Affairs Departments provide services to veterans, including Armed Forces veterans and Reserve veterans. Local branches of the VA provide Scott County housing assistance to veterans who meet eligibility requirements, including Section 8 benefits offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Veterans can access Scott County Section 8 benefits, apply for Section 8, or apply for other housing assistance programs through the VA in Scott County, Missouri. Section 8 housing choice vouchers can pay for homes, townhouses, and apartments. Veterans can learn more about their housing service options, including Section 8, through a local Veterans Affairs Office or the Veteran Affairs website.

Sikeston Veterans Commission Sikeston MO 106 Arthur Avenue 63801 573-472-5350

Veterans of Foreign Wars Oran MO 70 County Road 430 63771 573-262-2433

Veterans of Foreign Wars Sikeston MO 709 Smith Avenue 63801 573-471-7575

Veterans of Foreign Wars Chaffee MO 217 South Frisco Street 63740 573-887-4044