Weld County Section 8 (Colorado)

Weld County Housing Authorities manage the federal Section 8 program offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. A Housing Authority provides housing options for low-income individuals and families, including rental housing, rental assistance programs, and Weld County Section 8 housing choice vouchers in Weld County, Colorado. The housing vouchers can be used to pay for single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments, and Weld County Housing Authorities can help determine eligibility for services, complete a Section 8 application, and they may distribute Section 8 benefits. Housing Authorities provide information on Weld County low-income housing, including Section 8, on their website.

Fort Lupton Housing Authority Fort Lupton CO 400 2nd Street 80621 303-857-4400

Greeley Housing Authority Greeley CO 109 1st Avenue 80631 970-351-8229

Johnstown Housing Authority Johnstown CO 202 North Greeley Avenue 80534 970-587-2600

Keenesburg Housing Authority Keenesburg CO 250 Woodward Avenue 80643 303-732-4221

Weld County Housing Authority Greeley CO 903 6th Street 80631 970-353-7437

Windsor Housing Authority Windsor CO 1027 Walnut Street 80550 970-686-5576

Weld County Town and City Halls provide a range of municipal services for their residents, including low-income housing assistance. In some areas, the Town or City Hall distributes Weld County Section 8 housing choice vouchers offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Town and City Halls provide information on qualifying for Section 8 support, accessing Section 8 benefits, and paying for single-family homes or apartments with Section 8 vouchers in Weld County, Colorado. They may also provide other rental assistance programs for qualifying Weld County individuals and families. Town and City Halls provide Section 8 information on their websites.

Dacono Town Hall Dacono CO 512 Cherry Street 80514 303-833-2317

Eaton City Hall Eaton CO 223 1st St 80615 970-454-3338

Eaton Town Hall Eaton CO 223 1st Street 80615 970-454-2212

Erie Town Hall Erie CO 645 Holbrook Street 80516 303-926-2700

Evans City Hall Evans CO 1100 37th Street 80620 970-339-5344

Fort Lupton City Hall Fort Lupton CO 130 S McKinley Ave 80621 303-857-6694

Frederick Town Hall Frederick CO 401 Locust Street 80530 303-833-2388

Garden City Town Hall Greeley CO 621 27th Street Rd 80631 970-351-0041

Gilcrest Town Hall Gilcrest CO 304 8th Street 80623 970-737-2426

Greeley City Hall Greeley CO 1100 10th Street 80631 970-350-9740

Grover Town Hall Grover CO 315 Chatoga Avenue 80729 970-895-2213

Hudson Town Hall Hudson CO 557 Ash Street 80642 303-536-9311

Johnstown Town Hall Johnstown CO 450 South Parish Avenue 80534 970-587-4664

Keenesburg Town Hall Keenesburg CO 140 Main Street 80643 303-732-4281

Kersey Town Hall Kersey CO 332 3rd Street 80644 970-353-1681

La Salle Town Hall La Salle CO 128 North 2nd Street 80645 970-284-6931

Mead Town Hall Mead CO 441 3rd Street 80542 970-535-4477

Milliken Town Hall Milliken CO 1101 Broad Street 80543 970-587-4331

Old Town Hall Frederick CO 105 Fifth Street 80530 303-833-0410

Platteville Town Hall Platteville CO 400 Grand Avenue 80651 970-785-2245

Severance Town Hall Severance CO 3 Timber Ridge Parkway 80546 970-686-1218

Windsor City Hall Windsor CO 301 Walnut Street 80550 970-686-7476

Windsor Town Hall Windsor CO 301 Walnut Street 80550 970-674-2439

Weld County Veterans Affairs Departments provide services to veterans, including Armed Forces veterans and Reserve veterans. Local branches of the VA provide Weld County housing assistance to veterans who meet eligibility requirements, including Section 8 benefits offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Veterans can access Weld County Section 8 benefits, apply for Section 8, or apply for other housing assistance programs through the VA in Weld County, Colorado. Section 8 housing choice vouchers can pay for homes, townhouses, and apartments. Veterans can learn more about their housing service options, including Section 8, through a local Veterans Affairs Office or the Veteran Affairs website.

Disabled American Veterans Greeley CO 1830 8th Avenue 80631 970-352-6188

J M Post Veterans Club Johnstown CO 104 East South 1st Street 80534 970-587-4500

US Department Of Veteran Affairs Greeley Greeley CO 2001 70th Avenue 80634 970-313-0027

Veterans of Foreign Wars Platteville CO 621 Grand Avenue 80651 970-785-9989

Veterans of Foreign Wars Evans CO 3501 State Street 80620 970-339-3025

Veterans of Foreign Wars Greeley CO 2514 7th Avenue 80631 970-352-1028

Veterans of Foreign Wars Ault CO 100 1st Avenue 80610 970-834-1212

Weld County Veterans Services Greeley CO 1830 8th Avenue 80631 970-336-7218

Weld County Social Services Departments provide a range of support services, including housing assistance and housing choice vouchers, also known as Section 8. Local Social Services offices connect residents with federal programs, such as Section 8 benefits for low-income families and individuals, which are provided through the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Weld County, Colorado. They can help individuals apply for Weld County Section 8 benefits, determine eligibility for housing assistance, and distribute Section 8 vouchers. Social Services may also accept applications for low-income housing assistance, and they provide information about these services on their website.

Weld County Social Service Department Greeley CO 315 North 11th Avenue 80631 970-352-1551

Weld County Social Service Department Fort Lupton CO 618 4th Street 80621 303-857-4052