Jefferson County Section 8 (Alabama)

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Jefferson County Housing Authorities manage the federal Section 8 program offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. A Housing Authority provides housing options for low-income individuals and families, including rental housing, rental assistance programs, and Jefferson County Section 8 housing choice vouchers in Jefferson County, Alabama. The housing vouchers can be used to pay for single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments, and Jefferson County Housing Authorities can help determine eligibility for services, complete a Section 8 application, and they may distribute Section 8 benefits. Housing Authorities provide information on Jefferson County low-income housing, including Section 8, on their website.

Bessemer Housing Authority Bessemer AL 1500 Exeter Avenue 35020 205-481-4438

Birmingham Housing Authority Birmingham AL 1301 25th Avenue North 35204 205-252-7217

Fairfield Housing Authority Fairfield AL 718 55th Place 35064 205-780-0004

Jefferson County Housing Authority Birmingham AL 3700 Industrial Parkway 35217 205-849-0123

Jefferson County Housing Authority Bessemer AL 4501 Little Drive 35022 205-426-8948

Jefferson County Housing Authority Warrior AL 601 Pecan Street 35180 205-647-8469

Leeds Housing Authority Leeds AL 1630 Moore's Street 35094 205-699-6223

Jefferson County Town and City Halls provide a range of municipal services for their residents, including low-income housing assistance. In some areas, the Town or City Hall distributes Jefferson County Section 8 housing choice vouchers offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Town and City Halls provide information on qualifying for Section 8 support, accessing Section 8 benefits, and paying for single-family homes or apartments with Section 8 vouchers in Jefferson County, Alabama. They may also provide other rental assistance programs for qualifying Jefferson County individuals and families. Town and City Halls provide Section 8 information on their websites.

Adamsville City Hall Adamsville AL 4828 Main Street 35005 205-674-5671

Bessemer City Hall Bessemer AL 1800 3rd Avenue North 35020 205-424-4060

Birmingham City Hall Birmingham AL 710 20th Street North 35203 205-254-2290

County Line Town Hall Trafford AL 2843 County Line Rd 35172 205-590-1649

Fairfield City Hall Fairfield AL 4701 Gary Avenue 35064 205-788-2492

Fultondale City Hall Fultondale AL 1210 Old Walker Chapel Road 35068 205-841-4481

Gardendale City Hall Gardendale AL 970 Main Street 35071 205-631-8789

Graysville City Hall Graysville AL 246 South Main Street 35073 205-674-5643

Helena City Hall Helena AL 816 Highway 52 35080 205-663-2161

Kimberly Town Hall Kimberly AL 9256 Stouts Road 35091 205-647-5531

Leeds City Hall Leeds AL 8373 1st Avenue Southeast 35094 205-699-2585

Maytown Town Hall Maytown AL TOWN HALL Dr 35118 205-786-8611

Mulga Town Hall Mulga AL 505 Mulga Loop Road 35118 205-781-0645

Pleasant Grove City Hall Pleasant Grove AL 501 Park Road 35127 205-744-1720

Sylvan Springs Town Hall Sylvan Springs AL 300 Town Hall Drive 35118 205-491-3226

Sylvan Springs Town Hall Mulga AL 100 Rock Creek Rd 35118 205-491-3210

Warrior City Hall Warrior AL 215 Main Street North 35180 205-647-0520

Jefferson County Social Services Departments provide a range of support services, including housing assistance and housing choice vouchers, also known as Section 8. Local Social Services offices connect residents with federal programs, such as Section 8 benefits for low-income families and individuals, which are provided through the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Jefferson County, Alabama. They can help individuals apply for Jefferson County Section 8 benefits, determine eligibility for housing assistance, and distribute Section 8 vouchers. Social Services may also accept applications for low-income housing assistance, and they provide information about these services on their website.

Bessemer Social Service Department Bessemer AL 1601 Carolina Avenue 35020 205-481-2600

Jefferson County Medicaid Offices act as local branches of the federal Medicaid program, and they help low-income individuals and families receive services such as health insurance, hospice care, and low-income housing assistance in Jefferson County, Alabama. A Medicaid Office can coordinate with the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development to help qualifying individuals and families access Jefferson County Section 8 housing. Section 8 provides vouchers to pay for Jefferson County homes, townhouses, and apartments, and the Medicaid Office can help apply for services, meet eligibility requirements, and use Section 8 benefits. Medicaid Offices provide more information on their website.

Birmingham Alabama Medicaid Office Birmingham AL 468 Palisades Boulevard 35209 205-414-9400

Jefferson County Veterans Affairs Departments provide services to veterans, including Armed Forces veterans and Reserve veterans. Local branches of the VA provide Jefferson County housing assistance to veterans who meet eligibility requirements, including Section 8 benefits offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Veterans can access Jefferson County Section 8 benefits, apply for Section 8, or apply for other housing assistance programs through the VA in Jefferson County, Alabama. Section 8 housing choice vouchers can pay for homes, townhouses, and apartments. Veterans can learn more about their housing service options, including Section 8, through a local Veterans Affairs Office or the Veteran Affairs website.

Birmingham Vet Center Birmingham AL 1201 2nd Avenue South 35233 205-212-3122

US Department Of Veteran Affairs Birmingham Birmingham AL 700 19th Street South 35233 205-933-4514

US Department of Veterans Affairs Birmingham Birmingham AL 700 19th Street South 35233 205-930-9420

US Department of Veterans Affairs Birmingham Birmingham AL 600 Beacon Parkway West 35209 205-943-2300

United Veterans Association Fairfield AL 7100 Aaron Aronov Drive 35064 205-781-4848

Veterans Affairs Bessemer AL 1801 3rd Avenue North 35020 205-481-4117

Veterans of Foreign Wars 668 Birmingham AL 1801 11th Avenue North 35234 205-252-2696